Health & A High School Reunion

Taking Note of Our Own Health After My 30 Year High School Reunion

Last weekend was my 30-year reunion. I was a little nervous because I have not seen some of them for 30 years. Would I recognize them? Would they recognize me? There were some that I have kept in contact with from Facebook, so I felt like I would at least know some people when we got together. It was a great time visiting and I was glad that I went.

What was said over and over to me was “Kari you look the same,” “you haven’t changed,” and “you look great.”  While all of that was very nice to hear and made me feel good. What stood out to me after was how interesting it was to see some of my old classmates, some other classmates did look great too! And some did not look healthy and looked so much older. It got me noticing that some were taking good care of themselves and others had not. Some had illnesses and symptoms they were challenged with; others were still healthy and vibrant. 

That got me thinking - have we given responsibilities for our health to doctors? Or do we take responsibility for our own health? In my opinion we have a responsibility to ourselves for our own health! Are we doing things (like healthy foods, exercise, and plenty of water daily) to support a healthier life? Or do we eat and drink crappy foods, sit all day, have bad attitudes and still expect our bodies and mind to be in a healthy state of being and living? If we only gave our car 50% of the gas or oil it needed to run…would we expect it to continue to run and not break down? 

I was not raised in a family that valued healthy living lifestyle. My wake-up call happened when my mom died at age 49 from a massive heart attack. Plus knowing my grandfather, her dad, died at age 37 from a heart attack. When my mom died over 16 years ago, I realized maybe I should do things differently. What was a healthier lifestyle? What was alternative or natural health? Those thoughts and questions changed my life and turned me towards learning how to take better care of myself. I went to school to become a Traditional Naturopath and an Alternative Health Practitioner. Today I enjoy a much healthier lifestyle, better health, good energy and vitality than I would have if I would have followed my parent’s lifestyle habits. I am grateful for wellness, holistic and preventative care! 

Thoughts to consider:
Are you taking responsibility for your health? 
Would you like to live your life with more vitality?
Are you giving your body and mind the things it needs to run optimally?  
What would your life, with more vitality, look like to you?

Do we take responsibility for our own health? Or do we ignore the healthy things we have learned and put the responsibility on a doctor to make us health?

Are you making healthier choices and doing things that are supportive for good health?  We are mind, body and spirit. All need support for good health! 

If you are interested in having more vitality and better health, let’s talk. Over the years I have learned and gathered many tools and techniques to help you feel better! I look forward to supporting you on your journey to better health. I believe our bodies have an innate intelligence to heal, control, and regulate when we give it the support it needs.

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