Evox Ideas & Packages


Foundational package –

Clears childhood perceptions, the past, generational issues, learned patterns.
Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Spouse, Ex

Sources of Stress package-

Financial, Money, Job, Relationships, Emotional Troubles, Childhood Traumas, Health, Physical, Illness, Injury, Disease…

Relationship package-

Spouse, significant other, Ex’s Traumas, Divorce, Finances, Infidelity, Insecurities, Roles, Expectations, Conflicts…

Money & Wealth package-

Income, Savings, Debt, Toxic Money, Income and Wealth Goals, Limiting Beliefs, Self Worth, Perceptions, Perfectionism, Feeling Invisible, Able to Receive, Money Management, Job Stressors, Sales, MLM’s, Follow up, Organization, Motivation…

Weight Loss Package-

Emotional issues, Self Image, Insecurities, Overeating, Metabolism, Health Conditions, Digestive or Nutritional issues, Endocrine system…

Personal Growth Package-

Self esteem, Self doubt, Anxieties, Depression, Fears, Self critical, Anger, Unworthy, Conflicting beliefs, Blind spots, Limiting beliefs, Head Trash…


Topic Specific-

Specific Person, Specific Event or Trauma, Anger, Death of a loved one, Divorce, Children, Coworkers, Holidays, Spiritual Issues, Addictions, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, anything listed above, or any topic.


Goal Setting-

Income, Work, Deadlines, School, Sports Performance, Ability to Focus…


Individual sessions are $95 each.
Packages are 5 sessions for $425, $85 each. Monthly package also $85.
Call, text, email for an appointment 303-946-7468 or  MyVitalForceCenter@gmail.com
Sessions can be in person (in Lakewood Office) or as a remote session (ask for details)