Evox is by far my favorite. I always leave her office feeling so much more relaxed and just overall feel better. Honestly it’s changed my life. I would recommend her 100 times over!
Our Evox sessions have been eye opening, and the clearing from each session has felt like a deep cleansing that has lifted tons and tons of chains from the past. She is so calming, open, kind, compassionate, understanding, and gifted as she guides each session.
Transform your life! I did with the help of Kari Soloman and My Vital Force. Kari is a wealth of knowledge bundled in a huge amount of caring.
Evox Sessions are like finding a lost key that fits the door lock that has been blocked, I mean locked, for years. The key opened the door again.
I felt like a ship lost wandering in the ocean. Evox Sessions to me were like being able to grab the rudder to steer my ship again. To find myself when I felt lost and stuck.
Wow, what an interesting and amazing way to release negative emotions! Kari is very compassionate and empathetic as she guides you through a session. I got so much out of my session that I purchased a gift certificate for a friend knowing she’d also greatly benefit from an Evox session. I highly recommend My Vital Force and Kari!
Kari has helped me via the Evox sessions she offers and I sleep better, I’m way more calm and at peace and my skin issues are gone. I highly recommend her.
Kari does amazing life changing work! Everyone should do an Evox session as this is the quickest most transformational program I have experienced. She’s a lifesaver!