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Options To Regain & Retain Wellness

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Wellness Center

Many Health and Wellness Services available with our Holistic Naturopath, Health Coach, Chiropractor, & Massage Therapist at the Holistic Health Hub!

Both local and phone appointments available with Holistic Naturopath, Dr. Kari. 563-659-6111 or schedule online.

To schedule for Chiropractic appointments with Dr. Bonnie Bauer 563-659-1667 or for Massage Therapy, Teresa Martens 309-912-6217 .

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Your Holistic Health Hub Creating Wellness and Sustainable Health

You Can Regain and Retain Wellness!

In our new Wellness Center we offer a variety of services and consultations designed to create health, to regain and retain wellness and vitality. We also offer a wide variety of essential, natural, holistic health products to support your health goals. Our therapies, services, and products are here to support your individual needs and goals.

We also offer a variety of classes to help with your health and wellness journey.

We are excited about the opportunity to bring Wellness to our local community and our online community. At the wellness center want to be your go to location to help you improve your health and wellness.

Check our website often as we add new Doctors, Practitioners, Herbalists, Massage Therapists, services, therapy options and classes. Plus, watch our website and social media as we will be offering and adding a variety of classes!

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Our Holistic Naturopathic Practitioner is Kari Rene.

Health Assessment Consultations with Kari can be done in person, or done virtually by phone and/or internet.

She is passionate about bringing out the best in your health and wellness; and honored to do so. She uses a health building approach to help you regain and retain wellness. Using a variety of techniques, therapies, her depth of knowledge and training, she helps you put the pieces of health and wellness puzzle together (mind, body, and spirit). Looking to the root causes for ill health and how to deal with the roots, and support the body systems to become healthier. Consulting with you to create a individualized plan for your health and wellness.

She uses her holistic training, natural health knowledge, problem-solving skills, knowledge of many natural health modalities and tools, intuition, deep empathy, her compassion, her listening skills to hear you and see your perspective to create a plan to for you to regain and retain wellness; to feel better, physically. Techniques to clear stress, emotional congestion and triggers, open pathways, clear blockages, re-frame perceptions, and bring peace of mind – all done with warmth and grace and from a Christian perspective.  

Click on the services pages to learn more about the individual services.


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Appointments can be in person or by phone virtual/remote appointments.


Downtown DeWitt, Iowa

816 6th Avenue, DeWitt, IA

Hours: Vary due to appointments and classes.

Tues-Thurs 9:00am - 5:00pm

Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday - By Appt Only

At the Holistic Health Hub we have several techniques to help Regain and Retain Health. Kari uses biofeedback and biocommunication technology to find your body’s biological preferences to support you to regain and retain wellness.

Emotional Balancing Sessions - EVOX Perception Reframing

EVOX is a computer software program designed to help clear emotional congestion, blockage, reframe perceptions, get clarity. The software reads your voice and emotional condition, then sends corrective biocommunication frequencies back to the body to help create balance and clear emotional congestion.

Health Assessments & Natural Health Consulting

With natural health consulting I will meet you were you are and help determine what your needs are. Some people are new to natural health and need help figuring out where to start. Others have been into it for a while but still have certain symptoms. Others have serious issues and need help finding the right natural health products and services. 

ZYTO Biofeedback Health Body Scans

Health and Wellness scans are an effective and unique way to obtain important insights. This information helps us develop more effective and individualized strategy for you. It helps pull together the pieces of the puzzle and gives us clues energetically how to help the body balance again.

Emotional Balancing and Release

Kari has studied many emotional balancing techniques that help release the emotional congestion that people may have from different stresses in life. Some times we look to the clues from the body and some times the emotions. Kari uses a variety of the techniques depending on what each individual needs.

Stress Relief Techiques

Most people these days are living lives that are considered high stress. We have all heard we need to reduce our stress…but how?! I work with a variety of methods/techniques as well as a variety of products that help to reduce stress.

Rife Frequency Therapy

The GB4000 machine send frequencies to the body. This resonance is significant because it matches each type of microbes in your body uniquely. Just as a radio needs to be tuned to the specific channel to hear its specific frequency, we tune the frequency machine to the frequencies needed to help balance your body.

BioTech Frequency Patches

Bio Energy Patches work with bio-frequency signals. Once applied, they emit specific bio-frequencies which vibrate at ta designated combination. This connection from the patch to the body is made through the nervous system and the seven layers of bio energy the body naturally produces, via sympathetic resonance.

Biochemical Wellness Assessment

Looks at several numbers, including pH to help us understand how the bodies internal terrain is working. The information gained allows a look into complex bodily functions in order to see at a glance where your body is out of balance so we can design the best wellness program for your needs.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The Ionic Body Bath provides a highly effective cleansing and stimulation of the lymph system. It is also wonderful for your immune system. We all get exposed to toxins regularly, so this is one way of helping to get those out.

Healing Touch - TKM Bio-Magnetic Therapy

TKM bio-magnetic therapy involves touching certain points on the body to allow the body to balance the systems again. Focusing on the bodies electrical system (or bio-electromagnetic system) and using your hands as “jumper cables” to make the connections again.

Splankna Therapy Sessions

Splankna Therapy is a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology that integrates several treatment techniques. This is one of many of the techniques we can use to help bring an understanding to what is going on physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Raindrop Essential Oil Sessions

The Raindrop Technique is a unique way to help establish balance and harmony, rejuvenate the mind, and balance the body using a specific technique using essential oils. This technique was created by Gary Young with Young Living Oils.