What is an EVOX Session?

Evox Sessions are a way to help facilitate Emotional Balancing strategies, and relieve stress. Evox Sessions are done using a voice recognition biofeedback/biocommunication software program for Perception Re-framing that helps to release trapped emotional congestion, emotional triggers, stuck emotions, relieve stress, and get mental clarity.

I like to give this analogy of what it is like to do an Evox session...

As we go through life we have different experiences and stress that create a little “congestion” in our life. If we relate that congestion to traffic congestion we can think of it like this. As we start out we have many lanes of traffic open and following easily, let’s say those represent our neuropathways, or our thinking. As we go though life the stresses, both big and small, create traffic congestion. The lanes of traffic start getting skinnier, then narrowing down the many lanes of traffic all the way down to one skinny lane of traffic. We can still think, but all we can see is that one skinny lane in front of us. As we do Evox sessions the biofeedback helps us to balance and release that congestion. As we do that we get to the other side of that traffic jam, and now we have many lanes of traffic that open back up. We can now see much more clearly, we feel a huge relief, much calmer, and we have many more ideas, as well as much more clarity of thought.

Do you have emotional triggers you would like to clear? Blind spots? Limiting beliefs or unwanted repeating patterns? Want to re-frame your perceptions and mindset. Get clarity on a variety of issues? Get emotional stress relief? By accessing and identifying these unknown unresolved patterns, programs, and blocks, we can release and resolve them. One of the quickest and more thorough ways of releasing healing these emotions are with EVOX sessions.

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You can feel better, get relief, get clarity today!

Schedule an Evox Session and see for yourself!


Perceptions can control your life and life choices

Information from stresses in life are often inadvertently stored in the memory systems of our body, and in our subconscious. Your subconscious mind is like a computer’s hard drive, driving and controlling your life and new perceptions you create. These perceptions are closely related to emotions. They come from personal history, experiences, traumas, unresolved issues, beliefs and more. They always come with a set of blinders; narrowing your view, thus blocking your awareness and decreasing your ability to thrive. Just like our computers or the phones these perceptions can be thought of as the apps that are running. And those apps need to be updated with new information from time to time. So we can be functioning at our best. 

Because perception creates reality, this means you will repeat behaviors both good and bad. This unknown information is largely what influences our choices and is influencing what we attract to us or what gets blocked from us. 

How does EVOX work?

EVOX is a computer software that tracks subtle energetic qualities in your voice. This information is used as part of a process called Perception Reframing.  The EVOX software listens to your voice which carries identifiable frequencies that convey your emotional condition. You often do not hear the subtle differences, but the Evox software can. It then sends the biocommunication frequencies to your body to clear out the congestion and emotional blockage. 

EVOX sessions can expand the blinders of your perceptions and experiences so you can see things you haven’t been able to in the past and see a bigger picture. It expands your thinking. Think of it as emotional detox. Who does not need to rid themselves of some toxic emotions? Knowing those emotions are stored in your body, how will you get healthy, stay healthy, or bring your mind and body into balance if those emotions are left unchecked and unchallenged. This can be a life changing experience. Could you use an upgrade in your thinking software? 



Clear those unresolved genetic conflicts that have been parked on your DNA, creating cellular memories.

The EVOX can also help with the genetic energies that have been flowing down from your family tree affecting your current life. Those negative energetic patterns are like bumping into persistent issues and not realizing their source is inherited.

Picture your mind as perfect little island sitting in the middle of crystal-clear blue water. Day one of your life, you are perfect and your mind is clear. You don’t know how to cheat, curse, manipulate, or perform any other bad behavior. As time goes on, your brain becomes inundated by the world, and your once perfect beach becomes cluttered with so much trash that you can barely see the sand. Experiences of negativity, hurts, discouragement, resentments, jealousy, lies, and every other negative thing you can think of pile into your brain littering your perfect beach. Just like the beach, our minds need to be cleaned and cleared of the clutter, or else we will become numb, and our visions and perceptions will constantly become more cluttered without us even realizing it.  

What happens in an EVOX session?

We will be having a back and forth conversation with pauses in between as the software program sends the balancing frequencies, tones, vibrations.

  1. EVOX tracks a 10-30-second slice of your voice and converts it as a Perception Index.

  2. The Perception Index shows the energy pattern of your voice. This pattern includes energy, or information that is present and information that is missing. The Perception Index is divided into 12 zones, allowing you to identify and consider potential blockages.

  3. Using the measurement of galvanic skin response (GSR) to certain Virtual Items (called a biosurvey), the EVOX software scans information options and selects those you respond most favorably to; the information your body “likes.”

  4. EVOX then sends that information to your body’s energetic field while you think about the topic, event, or person of which you are speaking.

  5. The process of analyzing the voice and then receiving information is repeated several times throughout the EVOX session as part of the back and forth conversation. As the balancing information is incorporated, the voice pattern will eventually change. These changes will be recognized by the software and then revealed in the Perception Index. A significant change in the pattern, or “shift,” is an indication that the perception of the topic has been reframed and you are in what we call a releasing pattern.

  6. Perception Reframing leads to new ways of seeing things, more options for dealing with life, and new, improved realities.

Don't worry about the technical part...It is as easy as having a conversation with the added benefit of the biocommunication frequencies, tones, and vibrations to help balance, reframe and get clarity. 

What are the benefits of EVOX

  • Stress Relief!!!

  • Positive Attitudes & Focus

  • Open Perceptions

    • Change thinking, change life

  • Release Emotional Triggers / Emotional Congestion

    • Feel more Peaceful

    • Lessened stress response

  • Open Perceptions

    • For Increased Clarity and Focus

  • Great tool for inner self-reflection / Introspection

  • Open Blocked Pathways

    • Get more of what you want

  • Understanding of Learned Patterns / Belief Systems

  • Clarity of Blind Spots or Limiting Beliefs

  • Clears Emotional Blockages - from past and toward future

  • Create a life with hope

  • Helps to Clear Mindset Head Trash

  • Help Improve Health

  • Symptom Relief

    • Helpful for better sleep

    • Reduced pain

    • Stress triggered symptoms

  • Creating a relaxed body and an alert mind!

  • Clarity for Visions, Planning, Goal Setting, Intentions

  • Seeing a Much Bigger Picture

  • Increases Self Worth

  • More Confident and Secure

  • Help to Improve Relationships

  • Helps Generational Issues

  • Increase Sports Performance

  • Reduce Resistance

  • Great for Anxiety or Depression

  • Great Release for Anger, Frustrations, and for Grief

    • Divorce, loss of love one, stressful events, stressful people…

  • Open pathways in your brain - Like taking off the blinders

  • Releases the cellular memory from stress, or trauma

  • Let go of the past!

  • Increase use of tools learned with self-development.

  • Evox is like an enhanced meditation with biocommunication technology.

  • Personal development to next level

Disclaimer: The ZYTO Hand Cradle has been cleared by the FDA for the measurement of galvanic skin response. ZYTO software has not undergone FDA review for effectiveness. ZYTO technologies are not intended to be used in the diagnosis, care, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or medical condition. The diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions should only be undertaken by qualified medical professionals. ZYTO professional software provides general wellness information and should not be used without the involvement of a licensed healthcare professional. ZYTO products have not been the subject of controlled clinical trials to establish their effectiveness and their use is not a generally accepted medical practice by the traditional medical establishment. If you have any questions regarding ZYTO technology or our products please contact us at info@zyto.com.