Stress Reduction Tips

We all lead such busy lives these days! So many things to do and so many things that keep us distracted.

We have all heard that we need to reduce our stress, but how? We will talk about a few things that will help.

Be truthful with yourself … Are you doing anything to reduce your stress on a regular basis?

Or do you just keep on pushing and pushing?

Would you expect your car to run if you were not putting the correct fluids in it? What would happen if you put the gas where the oil goes or vice versa? It would break down. Our bodies will do the same thing if we do not take care of it properly too.
Relating that to stress - if we run our cars under extreme stress we can imagine that the car will break down in that instance too. Again, you can see how this would relate to our bodies as well.

So, what to do?

Give yourself some intentional quality time! There are many ways you can do that.

·       You can simply turn off the TV and or radio and actually have quiet time to think! Make time to close your door and just calm your busy mind by tuning into your body. You can also do this while you are showering or even in your car.

·       Prayer and meditation time! Is extremely valuable time.

·       Journaling – it doesn’t have to be fancy or take a long time, start small.

·       Gratitude journal / list / or app. I just have a simple list, but there are apps you can download on your phone too.

·       Take yourself on a walk and notice this feeling of walking, or take yourself to a park or a different room and just notice how you feel there. Relax.

·       Focus on a peaceful thought or visualize a peaceful beach and take your body on a brief relaxing vacation! 

·       Using homeopathic products, essential oils and herbal supplement are wonderful tools to keep on hand, and use regularly!

I could make a list of many other tools and techniques, but the last one I want to talk about is doing Evox Perception Reframing Sessions (biofeedback/ biocommunication).  Of all the techniques I have personally used and many of my clients tell me coming in for Evox sessions is one of the best stress reduction techniques that have lasting improvement for days and weeks.

Those stresses feel like they pile up sometimes and we want our bodies to release that stress and the emotional congestion it creates! When you get done with a session you will feel so much lighter, relaxed, and calm.

Make this important appointment and time for yourself…do not find time…MAKE TIME. 

You need it for health of your mind and body…you deserve it. And will feel much better if you make time regularly for stress reduction.  

Life is busy and we all need to re-boot and remember that life needs the balance between action and recovery time.

If you have more questions about Evox Perception Reframing Sessions you can get some general info from my website  and more general info about stress relief at   Or if you would like to talk or ask me questions email me.


I look forward to talking to you soon.