Analyzing pH – Reams testing – RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)

Analyzing pH – Reams testing – RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)

RBTI/Reams testing is a mathematical analysis of what is taking place within the electro-biochemical structure of the body using the urine and saliva. It gives specific information on what vitamins and minerals are not being assimilated into the body’s cellular structure. Dr Reams observed that the physical manifestations of diseases have a root cause in mineral deficiency – beginning with calcium. Making corrections to maintain the “healing numbers” using the right minerals, vitamins and life style changes will address and reverse the dysfunctional patterns. There are several measurements involved in the testing process, to identify the “healing numbers”.

The carbohydrate/sugar measurement represents the potential energy available. They are required for the body to have fuel and oxygen for optimal performance at the cellular level.  Low numbers means not enough oxygen available to cells. High numbers means oxygen is there but not available.

Without a proper pH balance, digestion and elimination are moving at the wrong speed, which means even the best source of nutrients cannot be assimilated. Without nutrients, every system of the body will be incapable of functioning at 100%. pH is a measurement of resistance and indicates the speed at which energy is moving through the body. pH below 6.2=too acidic= fast. pH above 6.6 =too alkaline= slow. If there is imbalance it causes more friction and slower speed. The urine pH provides information about the blood, while saliva pH provides information about the liver. If there is a split pH, the further the numbers are apart the greater the energy loss. Mineral assimilation is determined by the pH of the digestive system. When pH is in balance, the rest of the body can achieve balance.

Salt or conductivity readings (our electricity) indicated whether the body has the correct number of electrolytes. Electrolyte levels indicate whether the body is undercharging or overcharging. Our minerals conduct electricity. Since conductivity is tied to mineral salts and fat is a major repository of minerals the relationship between fat and conductivity is inescapable. High salt numbers show that the blood is thick & has too many unusable minerals. Low numbers show there is too little electricity& insufficient minerals. Electrical flow will impact every cell and organ.

Cell debris is an indication of the number of dead cells leaving the body. A sick body needs to rid itself of excess dead cells. Properly eliminating waste is just as important as every other function. The dead cells pass out through the urine, not the bowel. This demonstrates how well the body is cooperating in the healing process, and how well the immune system is functioning and managing stress.

Ureas are simply proteins and body tissue. Total ureas represent the total amount of un-utilized protein that is being handled by the liver and sent to the kidney for elimination. The top number represents the liver, the bottom number represents the kidneys. Ureas represent the energy being lost from the body. High numbers show if the blood is thick, low oxygen, and if the heart is working hard. Proteins are the building blocks of life. Measuring for the correct amount allows the body abundant resources without overburdening the process.

Cell exchange rate – Ultimately the entire body chemistry depends upon the correct cell exchange rate. Homeostasis (maintaining a condition of balance) – a new healthy cell is produced for each old cell dying off. If any of the number are off, the cell exchange rate is off and cells are not getting produced to maintain homeostasis.

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