TKM – Bioelectromagnetic Energy Therapy

The body is energy. Every created thing is energy! Our bodies consist of energy in many form of tissues that are made up of molecules that are oscillating at different frequencies to create distinct substances, such as skin, blood, bone, muscle, organs. Energy is either coherent or incoherent.

If bioelectromagnetic energy patterns are changed or altered, the energy pathways become congested and must be “decongested” or “unconstrained” to function correctly again. Fatiguing the body physically, overtaxing the mind, eating incorrectly, not receiving proper rest, or becoming too emotionally distraught are common factors that create imbalance and overload in our bioelectromagnetic energy system.

TKM can help to re-establish the conductivity and coherence of the body’s bioelectomagnetic energy so that it will function optimally. It will also help keep the body more in balance and in a state of homeostasis physically, mentally and emotionally. We are mind, body and spirit. When we experience disequilibrium, we can interpret it as how well our spirit, and our mind blends with our flesh.

By working with the source- the foundation of all bodily functions- it is not difficult to effect proper change to improve our state of being and therefore improve our quality of health and life. Upon restoring the electrical energy to coherence, everything will adapt to the new state of our 26 energy spheres. It helps the body’s systems release tension, stress and incoherence thus allowing proper energy circulation or conductivity. TKM attempts to define how the body works electrically and how it is recreated continuously, cell by cell. Its greatest strength lies in preserving health, improving physical condition, and increasing resistance. It is very effective for pain relief, since pain is congested energy.

How it works:

This method includes how the body’s systems interact physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. The concept is best illustrated by a circuit board: two areas of special conductivity must be connected in order to enable proper function of the system. In essence, the body is a circuit board, and TKM connects any two areas of conductivity to allow the body’s energy to cause proper functioning. The energetic activity results in the relief of tension in the local area and overall. This interaction allows the bioelectromagnetic energy to properly circulate (increase conductivity) throughout the pathways, or circuitry of the body, as it was originally intended. At the same time, there is an inward clockwise spiraling though the depths of the body, followed by a spiraling back out to the surface of the body. This “releases” the affected area so that the energy may circulate freely.

Another powerful aspect of this is that coordinated touch stimulates communication within the body on a cellular and intercellular level. TKM enables the body to revitalize the proper coherence or conductivity to its bioelectromagnetic energy.

Contact us to start working on re-establishing coherence in your body’s bioelectromagnetic energy systems; that will help with all conditions, whether simple or chronic. We can also help build your body’s defense mechanisms against sickness, as well as slowing some of the expected aging process. The exquisite intricacy of the body is as amazing as the Creator that created us! Over 3,000 enzyme systems are involved in the formation of just one red blood cell. The different stratums that we work on with TKM affect 144,000 different functions in the body. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how wonderful TKM is, and makes you wonder- what can it do for me?

TKMKari Solomon