Our Body vs Our Car Analogy

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Our Body vs Our Car Analogy –


When you fill up your gas tank of your car do you put in gasoline or high fructose sugar syrup? Of course, you put in gas. What do you think would happen if you put in sugar instead? Or what would happen if you added just a little bit of sugar with each tank full? We would expect it to break down, right? Or to have problems/symptoms.

Do you make sure that your car gets all the fluids at all the right levels that it needs for optimal performance? Would your car function properly if you didn’t put in the antifreeze?  No, of course not.

Why is it that we will take good care of our cars making sure it has everything it needs to function properly but we do not do that for our bodies?

Our bodies need 100% of the water, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc… for optimal performance too. If we only give our bodies a few ounces of water a day, are we really filling up our tank properly? What if we only eat veggies once in a while, are we getting the proper amounts of vitamins or minerals?

And this does not even address how to get rid of the toxins we are exposed to every single day!

Why is it that we will take care of our cars making sure it gets what it needs for optimal performance but not do that with our bodies?

What if we eat mostly healthy? We give our bodies about 50% of the water or nutrients from foods that it needs. How long do we expect our bodies to function properly without giving us any clues with illness or symptoms?

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Kari Rene, CTN, CNHP, CAHP

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