Is Weight Loss Part of Your New Year Resolutions?

There are so many of us that after the holidays are over say “it is time to start eating better and lose some weight!”

Here are a couple of ways to make it easier.

First, I offer many weight loss products from several different vendors. Including essential oils, numerous types of shakes and/or meal replacements, many types of helpful supplements, homepathics, and weight loss patches. So instead of just guessing which products you should use let’s do a scan to find out what your biological preferences are for the products.

Second, there is almost always some emotional components to why it is so hard to lose weight. The scan will give us some good information about the emotional components and which therapies you respond with a biological preference. There are several different emotional releases we can do to help with weight loss. My favorite and extremely helpful program is called Evox. It clears out the emotional triggers that make weight loss hard and hold us back. As well as clear those self-limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts and triggers we have.

A third reason I have found that people have a hard time losing weight is because of toxins. Our body store toxin in our fat cells. So sometimes we need to open up the detoxification pathways so that our bodies will release the fat cells and toxins, and actually eliminate them. So doing a scan to look for toxins will give us some good information of where to start. Bringing some balance to the body first can make a big difference in our efforts to lose weight.

Have you ever felt like you were doing to right things but still have a hard time losing weight? Let’s do a biofeedback scan to get you information to what else is going on both with the physical and emotional triggers. Call, text or email to schedule your appointment before the frustrations set in. Look forward to talking to you soon.