For a Pleasant Drive – DIY Car Freshener Ideas

First idea –

You will need:

  • a small piece of felt

  • some yarn or string

  • a pair of scissors

  • Essential oil of your choice

Good choices for in the car are uplifting, bright oils to keep you focused on the drive. Examples are any citrus oils (I like to use Lemon), Peppermint, Thieves, Purification, Stress Away, or Rosemary. Always keep in mind who is in the car with you and choose your oils wisely if you have kids riding with you. These are just a few ideas of oils you can use. But use any oil that you like and a drawn to.  I would avoid the use of calming or sedating oils while operating a vehicle. I will tell you one of my favorites is to use the Peppermint because it helps to keep you awake when you drive. I like to use Thieves if I have been around anyone that was sick.

What you’ll do:

  1.  Cut your felt into a 4-5 inch circle or a heart, and make a hole near the top. I used a paper punch to make a hole.

  2. Run your thread or string through this hole and create a loop for it to hang from your rearview mirror.

  3. Drop 3-4 drops of your desired oil onto your felt.

  4. Hang this in your car & refresh as needed. I like to refresh it every few days. Depends on how much you drive and if it is hot in your car.

Second idea –

If you don’t want to take the time to make anything. You can get a couple of cotton balls and put a few drops of oil on the cotton balls and place them near your car vents or just place on the floorboard of the car. With this idea be sure to test the oil you want to use to make sure it does not have an interaction with the plastics (like with citrus oils). I also would avoid the dark colored oils like Blue Tansy or German Chamomile. Enjoy using the oils from the Everyday Essential Oils Kit, that is a great place to start!

I hope your car becomes a more pleasant place while using your essential oils. I really enjoy mine & look forward to driving with a pleasant atmosphere! If you have questions, visit

Kari Solomon