Biofeedback Scans

I have been studying about natural health for years. My mother died when she was only 49 and I knew I wanted to do things differently. So I started learning about natural health. I love learning and sharing this information with others. So that is what I do at my office.

My office is called My Vital Force. We each have what is called a governing system, or a life force energy. It is our whole body, including the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health bringing the body into balance. In health it keeps things in homeostasis. When symptoms of illness are present our vital force is unbalanced (not in homeostasis). Symptoms are the language of the body, so we want to look at the totality of symptoms to start bringing balance to the body.

Using Zyto biofeedback communication program we can look at the things that are stessors for your body, and then look at the things that will help bring the body back to balance. Another important piece of bringing balance includes doing a complete pH analysis. Your body needs to be within a certain pH range to be able to assimilate the vitamins and minerals.

Let’s look at what your body needs and make a plan to start bringing back balance.

Here are a couple short videos that explain about Zyto biofeedback:

Introduction to Zyto technology – You Tube Zyto – How it works

How Zyto EVOX works – You Tube Evox link