Colon Cleansing: One of the secrets to better health

One of my mentors posted a video about this topic that I wanted to share. I will highlight a few of the things he talks about and share the link for the video for you to watch.

Here are some of the tips suggested:

  1. Water! The most important detox tool we have. It is needed by every eliminative body system. We need half our body weight in ounces. Are you being honest with yourself about how much water you are drinking? Dilution is the solution to the pollution! 
  2. Fiber – it reduces colon transit time, it bulks and lubricates the stool, it absorbs toxins from the colon, and bile from the liver, it promotes/feeds the good flora in our gut. Most people are not eating enough fiber to help their systems. Here are a couple suggestions of products from Nature’s Sunshine (the link to order the products) Nature’s Three, LOCLO, Everybody’s Fiber.
  3. Enzymes – Help to break down undigested foods in the intestines, helps improve intestinal absorption of nutrients, reduces build up of toxins, can have mild laxative action, and stool softening. (the link to order the products)  Proactazyme Plus, Food Enzymes, Hi Potency Protease, Small Intestine Detox, Bowel Detox.
  4. Cleansing Formulas – Aid in liver detox and increasing the bile production, improves kidney function, aids lymph flow, and tissue detox. (the link to order the products)  All Cell Detox , Enviro Detox, Liver Balance Tiao He, Heavy Metal Detox.
  5. Laxatives – decrease colon transit time, the ideal transit time is around 16-18 hours, the average american is up to 72 hours. These are good for occasional constipation. For doing colon cleansing when combined with fiber and herbs, and plenty of water. Important while parasite cleansing. Avoid if IBD or spastic bowels. (the link to order the products)  LB-x (gentle formula), LBS-II, Senna Combo (strong formula). My favorite to use with clients is Gentle Move! It helps those the have become dependent on laxatives. It helps to attract and retain fluid in bowels, relaxes muscle spasms, aids in the cellular energy production, is great for chronic constipation, heaviness in bowels, inflammation, the anxiety and nervousness felt in bowels. Email or call me about dosage for your situation.
  6. Antispasmodics – Relax the intestinal cramping and relieve irritation. These are helpful when cortisol and stress lead to constipation. (the link to order the products)  Intestinal Sooth and Build, Magnesium Complex, Cramp Relief (any type of cramps).

Here is the daily housecleaning recommendation:

  • 1-2 scoops fiber
  • Thai Go juice (or fresh organic juice)
  • 2 Proactazyme
  • 1 Protease
  • 2 All Cell Detox
  • 2-3 Gentle Move

(the link to order the products) 

On the video he talks about several other cleanses and colon/bowel support products and all of those can be found on the product link also. (the link to order the products) 

I hope you find this information helpful! If you have any questions feel free to email or call. I would also be happy to do a Zyto Biofeedback Scan or muscle test to find out which products your body shows a biological preference for. I can do those scan here in my office or by remote appointments.

Video on Colon Cleansing – A Simple Secret to Better Health