Exciting news and announcement!

I am excited to announce I have an incredible opportunity to expand my business and practice!

I am expanding to have a retail health and wellness store, plus have my practice.

The new location is in DeWitt Iowa.

I will still be able to do all of my current appointments for Evox, Biofeedback Scans, and all Consulting by virtual/remote appointments.

I have several options of how we will be able to connect by phone and internet. To do the Evox and Scans we will connect online. I have hand cradles that will plug into your computer, so my computer will be able to communicate with the hand cradle exactly the same as if you were in my office.

For many of you that are already doing virtual appointments nothing will change for you. For all my clients that are local that come to the office. I will save you the drive. =)

For those that purchase products this we be good news as I will have more inventory on hand. I will be able ship items to you quickly.

For all the Evox Biofeedback appointments as I mentioned above, we will be able to connect online, see each other, the hand cradle and computers will work the same as if you were sitting in the office. I have been doing appointments virtually with people all over the USA for a few years. With the advancement of technology, I can do these appointments with people all over the world! It is amazing!

Please join me in celebrating this amazing opportunity!

The move will be in progress through the end of December. The new location is being remodeled and is already beautiful. We will be opening the store in DeWitt, Iowa as soon as possible.

I am so grateful for all of you that are current, past, and future clients, and I look forward to continuing our good work together! Thank you for all your support!

Keep watching for updates on my website MyVitalForce.com, Facebook.com/MyVitalForce, Linked In, Instagram, and my other social media.

With love and gratitude!

Kari Rene