How essential oils calmed me after a scary road rage encounter!

This morning I was waiting at a light to make a left turn. When the light turned green there were two cars in front of me that made the left turn. There was a disabled lady that was crossing the street that the guy behind me in a big work van obviously did not see. He started honking at me to go. At first I just sat there thinking he would see why I wasn’t going. But he did not. He started honking faster and of course his window was down so he had his head out the window cussing at me. I was very slowing rolling forward as I was watching this poor lady try to hurry across the busy street. She could hear and see the guy having a fit with me, and I could see she was doing her best to hurry across. But like I said she was disabled, so it was taking her a bit. So the guy continues to have a fit! I had rolled forward enough to see the poor lady is scared she would get run over so I stepped on my brakes and came to a complete stop, as I flipped the guy off and pointed to why I wasn’t going.

Finally the lady was mostly across the street so I was able to go. The guy is totally on my butt, pulls right up next to me, partially in my lane, and is still screaming at me. Said that I almost caused him to hit me and of course cussing as many obscenities as he could think of. I won’t bother to mention all of them, because if you can think of any bad word, yep he pretty much had every single one covered! This crazy dude was so enraged that if he would have had a gun or he would have had a chance to hurt me, I have no doubt at all that he would have done something terrible!

To matters even worse the very next light we come to is red so we have to stop right next to each other! Since it was a nice day we both had our windows down about half way. So I am thinking great this crazy guy is going to come right through my window! He is still screaming about why was I being such a whore? So that comment made me laugh at him. Then I yelled back “what does that have anything to do with? Are you serious? There is a disabled woman crossing the road and you lost your mind about me not going? I hope this bothers you all day!” At that moment I was looking back at his work van to get the company name and turn him in. He noticed that got the name and maybe what I said sunk in, but all of a sudden he stopped yelling obscenities at me and said he was sorry. He didn’t see the women at first. And that he was just so mad that I came to a complete stop and flipped him off. He said I hope you have a better day and drove off.

Stress Away Roll On EOI was so surprised at what had just happened, not to mention that he truly scared me, that I was shaking! So the next red light I came to I reached into my purse and got out my Stress Away Essential Oil Roll On! That happens to be one of my favorites so I have it with me all the time! I rolled that on my wrists, temples, and my neck. Took a few deep breaths of it and I could feel a little of the tension and the shaking back off. I finished driving to my office but could not quit thinking of how much this guy had totally lost his mind. So I was still rattled- better, but still rattled. When you work with essential oils you hear all the time: use the oils you have! Your body will use the chemical constituents that it needs. So, when I got in the office I had my Lavender with me, so I put that in my diffuser and I put more of the Stress Away on me every half hour or so. I just wanted to let it all go, because everyone could see that I was rattled and distracted (which is unusual for me, so people noticed and asked why). The first time I explained what had just happened it felt like I was right back in that moment. As I continued using the oils and told the story a couple more times, I could feel that I was releasing the anger and the fear that incident had just created in me.

I wrote a blog about how Emotions Affect Health if you would like to learn more about that please click the link.

So the take home message is if you encounter some strong emotions – use your oils! They will help! Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!

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