Splankna Therapy is a Christian protocol for Energy Psychology that integrates several treatment techniques.

This treatment protocol taps into the subconscious root of symptoms helping to release any emotional charges that have been stored in the body. Once these charges are released, you can feel more empowered to make a lasting and deep change.


How it works

Splankna Therapy combines body, soul and spirit to get to the root of your challenges and help resolve emotional trauma. When all 3 elements of an individual are working together, a deep and lasting change can take place.

Using a combination of “touch and thought”, we allow the body to release the emotional charges that are stored in the body like electrical charges. These charges can get triggered causing some type of overreaction.

Using muscle testing and applied kinesiology to find out which emotional charges are stored and release them on an energetic level. We will also look for any agreements with vows or lies that were linked with the emotional charge and how those symptoms may have been showing up as clues for us to deal with the issue.

To learn more about Splankna, visit https://splankna.com/