Every Thursday

Informed Wellness Strategies Class - Gut Health & Weight Management

Every Thursday evening at 4:30 we have our weekly Informed Wellness class. This class is part of a 3 month program.

Contact us for the details for this health coaching options and details.

June 18th

Authentic Essential Oil School

How much do you love your essential oils? Enough to get certified?

Join us for our class on authentic essential oils and become a master of your own oils! ***Please RSVP to this event so we make sure to have everything ready for you.***

Registration starts at 4:30, class starts at 5:00 PM.

Contact us for pricing for the essential oils for this class.

July 9th

Pet Care

We all love our pets! What natural health habits and products can we use to help our pets be healthy for as long as possible?

Lunch & Learn Class at 1:00 pm