Biochemical Wellness Assessment pH Analysis & Correction

The information gained allows a look into complex bodily functions in order to see at a glance where your body is out of balance so I can design the best wellness program for your needs and teach you how to balance weaknesses you may have.


What is pH

The term pH stands for “potential hydrogen” which is the measure of hydrogen ions in a particular solution. In our case, that “solution” refers to our body’s fluids and tissues. The body maintains a delicate acid-alkaline balance. As with most health-related barometers, balance is everything. 

Testing your pH levels

The testing is a mathematical analysis of what is taking place within the electro-biochemical structure of the body using urine and saliva.

This testing gives us information how the body’s internal terrain is working.  Without a proper pH balance, digestion and elimination are moving at the wrong speed, which means even the best source of nutrients cannot be assimilated. Without nutrients, every system of the body will be incapable of functioning at 100%.

This information is gathered to help us create a customized plan to help bring your body back into balance.